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How to Have a Successful Business in Automotive Repair

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If you are just starting out or trying to build your automotive repair business’s reputation, you may not know exactly where to begin. The automotive repair business is very competitive and it is easy to go unnoticed among bigger, more well-known brand name businesses. There are a few things you can do to earn a solid reputation in your area and get customer’s to notice your business.

Keep continuing your education. Every year, vehicles are updated continuously. Unless you own a specialty shop that only works with antique cars, you need to keep up-to-date with your knowledge of newer cars. You should have a certain amount of money set aside to continue your education and help your mechanics stay on top of the market.

Hire only certified mechanics to work in your garage.When your mechanics know how to work on a variety of cars and are certified, more customers will be drawn to your business. They will develop the trust that is necessary to have customers willing to come back to your repair shop whenever their car needs a minor inspection or something more intensive.

It is very important to keep your garage looking neat and clean. It can be easy to neglect the garage because things will become dirty easily. But you must keep this area clean for safety reasons and for your company image. Customers like to see that the shop is well taken care of and will feel more at ease about your mechanics getting in and out of their cars. No one wants oil and grease tracked into their cars, so make sure your mechanics take necessary precautions to avoid this.

Don’t neglect the lobby or the customers. Sometimes customers have to wait for a long time in the lobby while their vehicles are repaired. Your lobby should be clean, inviting, and have something for the customers to do. A vending machine for snacks, magazines, and a TV are essential when trying to keep customers from becoming impatient. Make sure your lobby furniture is comfortable and clean.

You should also keep the customers informed of what is happening with their vehicle and the progress on the repair. A long wait is hard, but a long wait without knowing what is happening and how much longer the repairs may take is even harder. Keeping the customers informed shows that you respect them and want to keep them involved.

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