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Health Insurance And Retirement Planning

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As we near the end of our working years and begin planning for retirement, one of the benefits we tend to lose out on is subsidised health insurance when we leave our place of work. When health insurance is purchased independently once retirement age has been reached, premiums can rise significantly. However, a growing number of UK health insurance companies are selling affordable policies that are specifically designed with the over 60s in mind.

The benefits of health cover for retirees are many, but a cautious eye must be cast over the possibilities of failing health as we move into the later years of our life. Sadly, the vitality of our youth is often replaced by aches, pains and ailments that require prompt medical treatment. Health insurance gives us the chance to enjoy priority treatment outside of the National Health Service over shorter periods of time.

With waiting times for NHS treatment already taking 18 weeks, private health insurance for retirement planners should be strongly considered. A typical policy will cover the cost of check-ups, which tend to become more frequent in the later years of life, and provide long-term treatment as our resistance to a wider range of medical conditions fades. Prompt treatment can often be the difference in finding a fast and permanent remedy for illnesses, or having to spend your retirement years in pain and discomfort.

If treatment is particularly urgent, a private health insurance policy will grant retirees access to private hospitals where care can be administered by experienced consultants and specialists on a one-to-one basis. If mobility is a problem, private ambulances are supplied to make transport to treatment centres more bearable.

Once in care, private health facilities are frequently cleaner and better sanitised than NHS alternatives, and this reduces the chance of being exposed to deadly bacteria such as the MRSA virus. This is even more important during the later years of one’s life, as the potential for recovery from such serious diseases becomes more difficult. Unrestricted visiting hours mans that patients can also have their families by their side at any time. This facility is very important, especially when adult children may have travelled a long way for a visit.

A private health cover policy will ensure that the retiree will obtain the best treatment, at a hospital of one’s choice, with personal attention from a consultant, without the worry of how to shoulder the financial cost.

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