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Despite the fact that dreadlocks have been popular for many years, they still cause both delight and condemnation, since they look quite catchy.

Regardless of whether safe or natural dreads are decided to do, you need to know about the care rules at home.

The first month after braiding is not recommended to wash the hair, as the dreadlocks are not yet twined tightly enough. If it is itching, it is worth wiping the scalp with chamomile decoction.

Often special shampoos are used for such a hairstyle. Take no risk and buy the most common products without additives. Forget about conditioners.

Often and very intensively washing your hair is not necessary in Midtown Barbershop. It is enough to wash the locks with soapy water, and wash the roots with a slightly diluted shampoo once a week or two.

Experienced fashionistas learn to braid their hair on their own, but it is better to visit a master once a month, which will help in such a situation.

Braiding dreadlocks certainly weakens the hair and damages the scalp. To remove discomfort and strengthen the hair, use such means:

    – Burdock oil will help to strengthen the roots. A little remedy needs to be rubbed into the skin when the hair is washed and slightly moist. This must be done carefully, without touching the locks themselves. Wearing a shower cap and wrapping your hair in a towel, do not rinse the oil for an hour;

    – Aloe is recommended to be used not only as an addition to shampoo, but also instead. To do this, grind the leaves of the plant, rub them into the scalp. Rinse thoroughly;

     – Tar soap, despite a pungent odor, can prevent dandruff;

    – Seawater will help maintain the shape of dreadlocks. It is not necessary to go to the sea, because sea salt is sold in any store. Add it to warm water, dissolve, and soak the locks with liquid. Remember to rinse the hair thoroughly with clean water afterwards.

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