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Deciding on cybersecurity: Figuring out threats, finding the best measures and more!

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Cyberattacks are becoming the new normal, and businesses are constantly fighting new security threats. There is no guarantee that your company would be completely immune to cybercriminals and hackers. Experts, however, agree that preventive steps and precautionary measures are absolutely relevant and can avert security ban and threats considerably. Cybersecurity has rightfully emerged as one of the top concerns for large and small companies alike, and in this post, we are discussing more on how your business can do better.

Find more on the common threats

Certain cybersecurity threats are real and matter to most businesses. The list includes malware, ransomware, viruses, phishing, password theft, SQL Injection Attack, and network infiltration. Knowing the threats helps in determining the measures that would help in countering them.

Always use firewalls

Using firewalls for your devices is the best way to create a barrier with untrusted networks. Another great addition to firewalls is network segmentation, which is basically about splitting a network into subnetworks, so that resources are isolated and compromise on one doesn’t impact others.

Establish password protection rules

All default usernames and passwords must be changed immediately, once devices have been installed. Encourage employees to use long & complex passwords with special characters, numbers, uppercase & lowercase letters. Also, it is not always recommended to change passwords very frequently, primarily because employees end up repeating and reusing old ones. If your employees and managers are not using a password management tool, it’s wise to suggest one.

Protect your networked devices and computers

Every networked device is a computer and can be hacked, unless you take steps to protect these devices from vulnerabilities. First and foremost, ensure that all old, outdated software are removed. If you have legacy software that hasn’t been in use, uninstall immediately. Secondly, ensure that all software, apps, programs, browsers, plugins, and firmware are updated. This will not only fix the previous vulnerabilities, but can enhance network speed and system performance. Many companies send emails for firmware updates, or you can check respective manufacturer’s website for latest edition.

Get employees educated on cybersecurity

Employees and managers are on the frontline for ensuring cybersecurity, and they need to know the threats and their role in preventing cyberattacks. If you need experts to train your people, consider that as an option. Informed employees are more aware and can have a proactive stance towards cybersecurity.

Check for more cybersecurity practices online!

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