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10 Ways Technology is Improving Airport Security

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Due to heightened states of alert, airports are becoming much more security conscious than ever before, and technology is playing a huge role.

Here are 10 ways modern technology and biometrics are helping to prevent staff accessing unauthorised restricted areas, and passengers and staff from dangerous situations.

1. In the modern airport, there is less reliance on physical manpower such as security guards to monitor areas and situations. Using security guards in some situations can lead to circumstances where human errors whether accidental or deliberate, corruption, and intimidation can occur.

2. Security areas and border control can now be monitored by CCTV which can be used to identify any suspicious activity, or to be on the lookout for known undesirables, or those who are not allowed to fly.

3. Systems can be introduced which automate the flow of passengers. This helps to make sure that the traffic flows and people are not loitering, or trying to access places or areas they shouldn’t be.

4. Anti-backtrack systems are designed to ensure that people can’t go back the way they came, or pass objects back and forward to one-another without alerting an operator. Using this modern technology is much more efficient and cost effective than utilising dedicated security personnel.

5. Thanks to the increasing use of technology, security officers can be deployed elsewhere in the building, and can monitor situations, or search people, and check to see if doors are locked, and the other things that a automated security system can’t do. Whilst technology is making some security tasks jobs much more accurate, there is still as greater need as ever for actual security personnel.

6. Airport staff can be identified using biometrics, such as fingerprints, retina or iris recognition, in addition to, or instead of, using traditional swipe cards or PIN numbers. This means that there is no way that security can be compromised if somebody is forced to hand over their swipe card, or their PIN number is disclosed.

7. Because biometrics is becoming more widely used for allowing staff access to restricted areas, it means that security guards are not required to supervise and monitor each and every employee as they pass through.

8. Some airports have automated the metal detector areas, which means that they need fewer staff to ensure that passengers are not carrying anything that they are not allowed to. Staff can therefore be used elsewhere, where they can be more effective.

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