whatsapp introduced new font - a simple guide in detail

WhatsApp introduced new font for messaging that is completely free for use. In truth, the facebook Inc-owned employer has been continuously in the information with statistics, leaks and rumours about its upcoming capabilities. For now, WhatsApp’s most awaited function, after voice calling, is video calling.

Even as we’re waiting for the final model (or beta release) of the video calling choice, WhatsApp has quietly introduced a new font in its beta release.

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The new font is referred to as FixedSys, and is fairly simple to use. But, even though the usage of fonts on WhatsApp is a bit tedious to some, it is able to truely assist in distinguishing positive factors in the chat message.

The FixedSys font is simple and may be used in a comparable way how the older fonts are carried out. To apply the FixedSys font, without a doubt type the characters “` before and after the word or sentence and send it. Right here’s an example.

“` This is a test message “`

Here is how it will look:


To use the other fonts, check out the characters needed below:


For Bold : use *

Example: *This is a test message*

For Italics : use _

Example: _This is a test message_

For Strikethrough :  use  ~

Example: ~This is a test message~

For FixedSys font : use “`

Example: “`This is a test message“`


Using the font is simple, but users would need little patience finding the character for FixedSys font on the onscreen keyboard.



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