Top 5 Useful Websites

Top 5 useful Website of 2018 U wish to know earlier


1. PDF Drive:-

On this website, you’ll see the list of ebooks on the homepage that are trending. at the top, you could do search categories like technology, science, if you select one of the ebooks it’ll open a new page where you can preview and down. Why burn your pockets when you can download and read from this website it is free to access and easy to use.

2. CodinGame:-

CodinGame is for you programmers it is fun, interesting, where you can improve your skills you can code a browser-based game with more than 25 languages you can also create multiplayer games. You can play with your friends.

3. Still tasty:-

This website lets you know how long you can keep thousands of foods and beverages. Where you can browse shelf life information by category for example if you click eggs in the search bar for the more efficient way. It’ll show you the best way to preserve.

4. Cymath:-

Math four letter word but does it send chills down your spine. Not to worry “cymath” is for your save you just have to type the problem in the search bar and it’ll give you step by step information for the solution. The keyboard icon in the search bar show you symbols that you may not have on your physical keyboard. It handy to use for mathematical problems.

5. Gwiki:-

Gwiki removes the links to Wikipedia pages to make copying and pasting into document software like Microsoft word without the need for you to remove those links individually this could be used for homework, assignments or presentations.

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