top 5 hip hop dancers in the world

Hip hop dance basically refers to street dance styles performed to hip hop music. This kind of dance includes wide range of styles like breaking, locking and popping which were created in the year 1970s. Hip hop dance was made popular by dance crews in the United States. In this article lets list out the top hip hop dancers in the world.

Types of Hip Hop Dance

  • Breaking
  • Locking
  • Popping

Darrin Dewitt Henson

Darrin Dewitt Henson is an amazing choreographer, dancer, actor, producer and director. He is know for his instructional dance video Darrin’s Dance Grooves. He has also longest showtime TV Series Soul Food to his credit. He has choreographed one of the best music videos and concerts for the music artists like New kids on the block, Britney Spears, Back street boys and many more..

Colombus Short

Colombus Short is also one of the best choreographer, actor and singer. He is also one of the top hip hop dancers in the world. He choreographed Britney Spear’s Onyx Hotel Tour and also worked with Brian Friedman (so you think you can dance fame ).

Channing Tatum

Channing Matthew Tatum is also one of the best hip hop dancer we have. Along with dancing he is also a good actor and a former stripper. His first debut was in the movie named Coach Carter in 2005. His break through role was in the film Step Up in the year 2006 which gave him much recognition to wider audience.

Adam G Sevani

Adam G Sevani had introduced new hip hop dance moves in his own style. He is a top hip hop dancer right now and a good actor. He has appeared in many films mostly on dance drama step up 2 series. He has also appeared in music videos like Mase’s, Breath Strech Shake , Will Smith’s Switch and many more.

Stephen Boss

Stephen Boss is also one of the best dancer in freestyle hip-hop dancer. Along with good dancer he is also a good entertainer and actor in Montgomery,Alabama. He was the runner up in American show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.



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