Top 10 websites , Online Courses


In the following article, we will cover 10 New Websites where you can take online courses and you can learn something new everyday!!

Learning something new is always an exciting endeavour and its process of a lifetime. Begin today!


1. Lynda:LyndaWhere over millions of people have already taken courses. You can read your favorite blog, magazines. And many courses that’ll take you to next level.




2. CreativeLive:- CreativeLivewho doesn’t want to be smart. Get smarter and boost your creativity with free online classes. CreativeLive is what you should get started with.


3. Hackaday:- HackadayLearn new skills and facts with bite-sized hacks delivered daily. Skills like powering your guitar with drill batteries. And many more techie hacks.



4. Codecademy:- CodecademyLike reading & writing is our daily routine we should also do coding. Learn Java, PHP, Python, and more from this reputable online coding website. brief information & tutorials. Makes this website wanna visit.

5. EdX:EdX Find tons of MOOCs, including programming courses many courses like data science, illustration, literature, artificial intelligence. edX is created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.


6. Craftsy: CraftsyNew skill from expert instructors in sewing, knitting, cake decorating, cooking, and more. Who doesn’t like cakes?

7. LitLovers:- LitLovers Practice your love of literature with free online lit courses. And literature is humanity talking to itself.



8. Lifehacker:- Lifehacker:- One of my favorites. Who doesn’t like lifehacks which save your day & time Mastering the thing you use in your daily life makes it a lot better.


9. KhanAcademy: KhanAcademyOne of the biggest and best-known gamified online learning platforms which helps student for their smooth schooling giving them various courses in subjects like maths, science, physics, chemistry when you have access to Internet why to eat up your time. Get started with tutorials, videos giving you knowledge from the scratch.

10.Duolingo:- Duolingo who doesn’t want to be multilingual or monolinguistic. Duolingo is all you need. Many languages like Spanish, French, which are highest learned languages around the world. Daily test & verbal test are provided for better fluency in the languages. Duolingo app is available for Android and iOS user.


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