Top 10 Popular Smart Phone in India 2017 : Check out the list of top 10 best and most selling smartphone mobiles in India in the year 2017.

Below are the top 10 smartphones maker who holds the most of the share in India and are very much popular for providing the best and amazing features in these mobiles and services.

From high end mobile makers like Samsung to the makers like lava, find out the top 10 mobile brands that is leading the chart in 2017 in terms of demand and popularity.

Here are the Top 10 Popular Smart Phone in India in 2017 With Complete List :

1. Samsung

top 10 most popular smartphones in india in 2017 samsung Samsung is maintaining the top position consistently except for a couple of months in 2015 when Micromax grabbed that position.

Samsung provides all the range of mobiles for every user according to his requirements which also fits into his budget.

This company has a huge network of dealers and they have also enough Service Providers through out the country which itself creates a valuable trust and brand by itself.

Collection of Best Samsung SmartPhones

2. Micromax

top 10 most popular smartphones in india in 2017 micromax  

Micromax is one of the most popular Mobile phones in world wide. It attracted its customers by giving amazing android features in Phones. Basically it is famous for budget smart phones and Tablets.


Collection of Best Micromax SmartPhones

3. Intex

top 10 most popular smartphones in india in 2017 intex Intex is mainly popular for manufacturing Speakers and Computer Accessories. However, it focused its business in manufacturing Android Phones and now they are the best seller in India.

Collection of Best intex SmartPhones

4. Lenovo

Lenovo is the chinese brand of smartphones in India in 2017. And it has a huge success in Indian Market. Moto G is one of the best selling in India.

Collection of Best Lenovo SmartPhones

5. Lyf

top 10 most popular smartphones in india in 2017 lyf  

Lyf is also known as Reliance Lyf and it became 5th most popular in India, it is owned by Mukesh Ambani and he is one of the Richest Man in India. He has proivded reliance Jio the 4g Network of India by Reliance LYF Smartphones and the handset are been manjfactured by Chinese ZTE Corporation.

Collection of Best Lyf SmartPhones

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6. Xiamoi

top 10 most popular smartphones in india in 2017 Xiamoi Xiamoi is well known for its Budget friendly smartphones with lots of Android Features. Despite of the tough Competition from its top players Xiaomoi has made its position in India by manufacturing lowbudget or budget firendly smartphones which are affordable by all.

Collection of Best Xiamoi SmartPhones

7. Vivo

top 10 most popular smartphones in india in 2017 vivo This smartphone is one the fastest growing brand in India.
The manufacturer of this company is from china and intending to market their brand in only Tier I and Tier II cities only. Vivo had growth of 759 % in 2016

Collection of Best Vivo SmartPhones

8. Lava

 top 10 most popular smartphones in india in 2017 lava Lava is one of the famous brand in India. In Indian Market its share has gone below but still it has enough sales to remain in top 10 in 2017

Collection of Best Lava SmartPhones

9. Apple

 top 10 most popular smartphones in india in 2017 apple Apple is one of the Top Smartphone brand and it is consistently growing in India. The Cost of apple phones will be little high that’s the only reason of its limited growth in India. But Majority of customers will look for budget and friendl user phones. So Apple grew by 67 percent in 2017

Collection of Best Apple SmartPhones

10. Oppo

 top 10 most popular smartphones in india in 2017 oppo Oppo is a chinese brand of smartphones and are most popular for its best camera quality features. And most significant among Oppo f1. In 2017 Oppo had a 185 percent spike.

Collection of Best Oppo SmartPhones


The above 10 Smartphones are most popular and have more demand in India and are more popular among youth in India. We hope you like our top 10 collection of smart phones which are more popular in India right now in 2017. Feel free to comment in the comments section which one is your favorite mobile and Which smart phone you recommend to our users in your opinion.

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