top 10 places to visit in maharashtra in 2017

Important places in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the 2nd most populous and 3rd largest state in India. The state is bordered by Arabian Sea. Being in the western region of India, Maharashtra has an abundant supply of natural resources. The state of Maharashtra has a unique location of being situated between Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. In the below article I will guide you the top 10 places you must visit if you are planning to go to Maharashtra in 2017

Top 10 places in Maharashtra

10. Ratnagiri
9.  Nasik
8.  Khandala
7.  Matheran
6.  Alibag
5.  Sholapur
4.  Mahabaleshwar
3.  Kolhapur
2.  Aurangabad
1.  Mumbai

10. Ratnagiri:

Ratnagiri is a sea port situated close to the Arabian Sea in the State of Maharashtra. The town is famous for its Temples. The place contains several different breathtaking natural phenomena like the Rajapur Ganga which appears almost once in every 3 years. The old palaces and forts are also great places to explore on trip.

9. Nasik:

Nasik is located in the North-Western region of Maharashtra and is located on the banks of the river Godavari which also originates here. It is one of the cities that host the Kumbha Mela of India once every 12 years. The town has a huge number of tourist attractions including museums, gardens and a huge ancient Temples.

8. Khandala:

Khandala is located between the Deccan Plateau and the Konkan region of Maharashtra. The various trekking points and viewpoints allow some excellent view of the total valley and the Western Ghats. The rock formations and cliffs in Khandala have been famous since ages and it is a popular weekend retreat for the people of Mumbai and Maharashtra.

7. Matheran:

Matheran is located at an elevation approximately 800mts above the sea level. The city is famous for its cool and less humid climate. The British influence on the architecture is pretty evident and is well preserved by the officials. The train ride to Matheran is of special mention as it is a slow ride that will give you ample time to experience the surroundings.

6. Alibag:

The attractions can be covered in a day or two and there are plenty of cheap and hospitable lodging facilities. It is a coastal town and is famous for its white sandy beaches

5. Sholapur:

Sholapur is located on the Karnataka state border and the main languages are Marathi and Kannada. The city is located in the Deccan plateau. The ancient temples and lakes are also a beautiful places to visit Sholapur. The siddeshwar temple is an ancient temple built in 16th century. Sholapur is located on major roads and rail routes between Mumbai and Hyderabad. It is 49th most populous city.

4. Mahabaleshwar:


Mahabaleshwar is a hill station in Maharashtra and is located in the Western Ghats and the elevation is approximately 1,353 above sea level and is the source f Krishna River. The city is famous for summer treat in Mumbai and is famous for its lakes and trekking hot spots.

3. Kolhapur:

The city of Kolhapur is located at Panchaganga River. It is famous for historical monuments and cultural heritage of Marathi people. The climate is pleasant in all year round. The best time to visit the city is during Hindu festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, navarathri and Ganesh chaturthi.

2. Aurangabad:

Aurangabad is named after the mughal emperor Aurangzeb. It is the one of the famous tourist place in India. The ancient caves of Ajanta and Ellora caves are the heritage of the Nation. Muslim culture of the Hyderabad, Urdu and Marathi languages are spoken in Aurangabad. It is a tourism hub in India.

1. Mumbai:

Now Mumbai is known as Bombay and capital of Maharashtra.5th most populous city in the world. It is a collection of 7 islands which were turned into a metropolitan city. The city is also famous for bolly wood   film industry. Hugging the sea shore is a scenic marine drive. Elephanta islands holds ancient cave temples dedicated to Shiva.

These are the top 10 things to do in Maharashtra if you are planning to go there. Let us know your experience if you have visited any one of these places. Or if you have any suggestions do let us know in the comments box below.


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