Top 10 places around bangalore

Whenever the name of Bangalore is mentioned, immediately it is referred to as the IT hub. It paints a picture of a corporate life in ones mind, where an individual will be working round the clock. Everyone has come across the saying, never judge a book by its cover, and Bangalore is one such city which should never be judged in terms of not having amazing relaxation places. It more often than not spoils travelers for choice, if they are planning a weekend getaway around the IT Hub of the country. Below are 10 places to visit near Bangalore with your friends in order to sit back and relax.

1. Bannerghatta
Distance From Bangalore – 25 Km from South Bangalore


Bannerghatta is an animal lover’s delight. A very prominent destination attracting people across the globe, this place is known for its Wildlife Park. Housing tigers, lions, leopards, to name a few, Bannerghatta Wildlife Park, has sights to behold. The Bannerghatta Butterfly Park, is another unique attraction.

2. Ramanagaram
Distance From Bangalore – 49 Kms



Also known as ‘Silk City’, it is located approximately 50 km to the southwest of Bangalore. The perfect place to unwind with hills all around, namely, Shivaramagiri, Somagiri, Krishnagiri, and Yatirajagiri, Revanna Siddeshwara, Sidilakallu and Jala Siddeshwara. The place draws hordes of people, as the iconic film, Sholay, was shot here which makes it a must visit place near Bangalore for all Bollywood fans.

3. Devbagh
Distance From Bangalore – 395 Kms approx


If peace and tranquility is the need of the hour, then Devbagh is the perfect location. Located far from the buzzing city life, Devbagh, located almost 520 kilometers from Bangalore, it is one of the most attractive islands from the coast of Karwar. The clear waters, sparkling sky, offers a sight which is hard to resist. One can even take up water sports such as snorkeling in Devbagh waters. If luck favors you might even stumble across dolphins while swimming!

4. Jog falls
Distance From Bangalore – 408 Kms


Watching water cascading straight down from a height of 800 plus feet without any rocks in its path, is one thing which drives tons of visitors to Jog falls. During monsoons, with water in abundance, Jog falls is at its best!. It is also a popular tourist spot and a must places to visit near Bangalore.


5. Coorg
Distance From Bangalore – 260 Kms


Green valleys, misty hills, lofty peaks, steady flowing streams, these are some of the traits of Coorg, also known as ‘Scotland of India’. The views that this place offers are magnificent. After a hectic week of fast paced work, Coorg, provides the ideal setting with its relaxing ambience, which automatically slows things down, and you can take a breather.

6. Nrityagram
Distance From Bangalore – 35 Kms


As the name suggests it derives its name from dance i.e. Nritya. It provides a wonderful calming ambiance and an ethnic look, making it worth visiting. It is one of the most peaceful places to visit near Bangalore.

7. Yelagiri
Distance From Bangalore -160 Kms


This is a very beautiful hill station, which is 3 hours away from Bangalore. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it may not be frequented by tourists but it is an ideal place located at a height of 3000 feet, where you can unwind and de-stress!

8. Srirangapatna
Distance From Bangalore – 125 Kms


The formation of this place has been due to the two subdivisions of the Kaveri River. For people looking for a cultural getaway, Srirangapatna is the perfect place. It has great historical significance and the popular Ranganathaswamy temple is located here.

9. Hassan
Distance From Bangalore – 184 Kms


Another place which is famous for its rich culture is Hassan. Named after the local diety, Hassnamba, it provides an ideal setting to enjoy a relaxed vacation. The temples, marvelous architecture are soothing to the eyes, and the sense of calm prevailing in this town, eases up all the nerves.

10. Puttaparhi
Distance From Bangalore – 155 Kms


The holy abode of Sri Satya Sai Baba, located on the banks of Chitravathi River, Puttaparthi, is the go to location for individuals seeking inner peace. Known globally owing to the popularity of Sri Satya Sai Baba, Puttaparthi, is perfect to get the much needed peace of mind.

These are the top 10 places in and around Bangalore, if at all you have a plan to visit or travel these places. please let us know your experience in our comments section below.


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