Top 10 Lakshmi Mata Songs – Most Popular Bhajans

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of lights which will be celebrated every year on Amavasya.It Signifies the victory of good over evil and Diwali will be celebrated by All age groups with great Joy and bursting crackers,distrubuting sweets with Love.

1. Goddess Lakshmi Devi Aarti

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of Wealth,Fortune and prosperty. This song is Goddess Lakshmi Devi Aarti. One of the Beaautiful songs of Lakshmi Mata.

2. Om Mahalaxmi Namo Namah

Shree Lakshmi Mata Ki Kirpa
Aap Par hamesha Bani Rahe
Aapke Har karya may apko saflta mile.!

3. Mahalaksmi Ashtakam

One of the Best and Beautiful Chanting with soothing music of Goddess Lakshmi. Must Listen to this Astakam!

4. Mahalakshmi stotram

May Goddess Lakshmi fills your home with Love , prosperity & fortune.

5.Shree MahaLakshmi Suprabhatam.

May Lakshmi Mata fullfill all your dreams,
May success always touch your feet.!

6.Lakshmi Kuber Mantra

People pray Kubera swami as the god of wealth, he is known as god of wisdom. Above is the powerful Chanting of Lakshmi and Kuber Mantr.

7. Shree Lakshmi Narayan Mantra

Most Powerful and filled with devotion.
May Goddess Lakshmi bless you today and always !!

8.Ashta Lakshmi Stotram

Ashta Lakshmi means ‘Eight Lakshmis”. She has power of over eight sources of wealth.

9.Maha Lakshmi Stuthi

May Maha Lakshmi Shower Wealth and Happiness on you !

10. Shree Maa Lakshmi Mantra

Extremely Powerful Mantra of Maha Lakshmi.
May the Glory of Lakshmi Mata be always with YOU !


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