Top 10 Guru Ram Das Wallpapers and Mantra :

As “guru ram das” is going to be celebrated on this coming oct 9th 2017, we have come up with the wallpapers and mantra only for you to share with your loved one on this auspicious day.

Ramdas Vittal Rao was born on April 10, 1884 in Kanhangad, North Kerala, India, to sri Balakrishna Rao and smt Lalita Bai. Ramdas worked as a spinning master in a cotton factory and in 1908 he got married. He had difficulties in his financial activities as well as in his domestic life and get rid of his present situation. Ramdas began singing “Ram” – a name used by the Hindus to refer to an important deity. Soon after, his father ordered him to repeat the Ram Mantra “Sri Ram jai Ram jai jai Ram”. Ramdas added, “OM” to every repetition: “OM Sri Ram Jai Ram jai Jai Ram” and found the advantage at least three times.

It was separated from the material world and undertaken as a pilgrimage, under the name of Ramdas, and lived benevolent purposes (but he never accepted money). His practice was to see the world as forms of the ram – and thus see everything that Ram’s will could happen. His practice of the mantra has gradually become an uninterrupted practice.

In 1922 he met Ramana Maharshi. In consequence, he entered his first retreat and lived 21 days alone in a cave in Arunachala. After leaving this cave guruji claimed that “All was Ram, nothing but Ram”

Guru Ram Das Wallpapers and Images 2017 :

Guru Ram Das Mantra

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