Horror Movies

The 10 Best Horror Movies

1.SinisterSinisterThis film has been on my top horror lists since its release, and it’s slowly made its way higher with each viewing. Now, it finally sits where it was destined to, as the most terrifying, disturbing, well-acted, perfectly paced horror film not just of the last five years but of the last decade. It’s a true modern classic that joins the ranks of The Exorcist, Halloween, Psycho, and other iconic productions that constitute the best achievements of the genre. Spin chilling which would make you real pale with fear.

2.The BabadookThe BabadookThis Horror movie is the monstrous terror but also the psychological terror of the most frightening sort. Some of the most unnerving and chilling moments are not of the creepy creature, but of the little boy as he seems to lose his mind or lashes out until his mother is losing hers. it relies on unsettling, real-life moments to make this movie worth a watch.


3.The ConjuringThe ConjuringSupposedly based on a true story (but of course, none of it is seriously true), it’s old-school haunted house cinema extraordinaire. There is an instant timelessness to the proceedings and a visual texture that is John R. Leonetti’s career-best. If you want to ensure you’ll spend the rest of the night awake and jumping of bed at every moment this movie has got some really good moments this movie was a major hit.

4. A Girl Walks Home Alone at NightA Girl Walks Home Alone at NightBetter don’t take it to heart or it’ll take to the grave.Sensual shades of black and gray mingle to a hip western score for a vampire romance by way of Dead Man and Rumble Fish, and it’s brilliant that the bloodletting is of secondary importance to the main characters.


5. It FollowsIt FollowsWhether perceived as a parable on the dangers of unprotected sex in the age of AIDS and pandemics, or a proclamation of reclaiming control of life and sexuality amid those sorts of dangers, or even as more about broader concepts of simultaneous. Why it is resonated with the audience because it is scary as hell.


6.OculusOculusThis Movie throws us off balance in parallel stories past and present. Constantly forcing viewers to question and second-guess their expectations and perceptions, it delivers gory goods for those who think the rest of the list isn’t quite bloody enough. Unless you don’t have homophobia you can give it a shot.


7. The Cabin in the WoodsThe Cabin in the WoodsThe Cabin in the woods is one of my favorite modern horror films, this film includes samplings of just about every sort of horror filmmaking you can image. If the previous entry added some bloody good gore to this list, because once the monsters get started, they never let up, as gory as it is fun, and somehow it manages to be one big homage. And yet entirely blood and gore. Who doesn’t want to know about the abundant cabin in the woods?

8. Troll HunterTroll Hunter “Troll!!” don’t go by the name yet it is Satirical without being a comedy, filled with terrific visual effects despite a low budget, and just flat-out wildly entertaining. It’s a big-monster movie with enough creepiness and carnage to qualify as “scary”. Troll hunters sum up its title and you don’t wanna Miss it.


9. The Woman in BlackThe Woman in BlackThis Horror Movie is in the best classic tradition. As we linger in each scene and location. And to haunt you enough for days.Hammer Films had their finest revival entry by far with this gorgeously designed, atmospheric tale.


10. Let Me InLet Me In Yes, it’s very similar to the first film adaptation of the same novel, but that doesn’t really matter when the final result is this good. Sounds and scenes would definitely make you wanna jump of bed. Silences speak more than ever expect all you have to do is listen..or else it’ll retreat on you.



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