Rajnikanth Emoji in whatsapp

With “Kabali” craziness achieving fever pitch. Even WhatsApp appears to have joined the club with an image surfacing on the online. This is to pay tribute to Tamil genius Rajinikanth’s character from his upcoming film Kabali.

It now turns out that the emoji was dependably there on WhatsApp. It is not taking into account the genius’ symbol. The symbolrather takes into account a character called Walt Jabsco.

Stars perform various tasks to promote their upcoming movies.To attend various promotional events in different cities, they get a lot of viewers and their trailers and their best to ensure that not say something stupid (but sometimes fail miserably).


But when you have a superstar like Rajinikanth, you have a completely different style to your promotions.

The most popular WhatsApp messaging application, based on his character in his next film Kabali superstar was honored by the addition of an emoji. In his emoji, the star style with a black blazer and credited sunglasses. Emoji ‘Baasha’ caught his eye.

Rajani in his films, his (literally) is the revolutionary movements, and even the non-virtual life, he had the right kind of way to promote his upcoming movie Kabali.

Earlier, the low-cost Air Asia fans of India Rajini Kabali and clothing company with a separate dedicated fleet of the new name has been changed. AirAsia, the official airline partner for Kabali.

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