places to visit in manali in december

Are you exited to have a fantastic holiday with your loved ones. If yes and if you are planning to visit few places in manali in the month of december. I will share with you the top 10 places to visit in manali in december.Then you have landed on the right page. Sit back have a cup of coffee and relax because I am going to share you the best destinations that you can visit in manali.

Manali in December

Maximum Tempertaure 13 deg. C
Minimum Temperatue -1.2 deg. C

Things to do in Manali in December

Skiing,Snow Mobile etc Solang Valley and Snow Point are the best destinations
Rohtang Pass Normally Closed
Experience the snow play at lower places like Marhi,Gulaba etc and few more places
Paragliding  –
Snowfall You can experience at Marhi and Gulaba.
chances of a snowfall in Manali Town is very low.

Top 10 places to visit in manali in december :

If you are planning to have a manali trip in the month of december, then there are so many tourist places in manali that you can visit. If you are planning to have a long holiday then you can go for ‘kullu manali tour package‘ which are provided by some of the best online sites who provide resonable “manali packages” and you can plan accordingly. If your budget is low then there is one more option you can have and that is you can book a ‘cottage in manali‘ which are more cheaper than these high budget hotels.

Best Reason to visit manali:

You may be thinking why people prefer manali as there best honeymoon trip. Manali is located in himachal pradesh near the northern end of kullu valley with an altitude of 2050m with 6726 ft in the beas river vally. Here the weather is always cold as it is set on the beas river, its a gateway to skiing in solang valley, trekking in parvathi valley,paragliding,rafting and what not. If you are a sport person then you can try all these with reasonable amount which comes in your budget.


910th place to visit in manali is manikaran gurdwara

About 3-4 hours by road in a taxi from Manali is Mani Karan – the holiest of the shrines of the Sikhs and the Hindus alike nestled in the surrounded by the high mountains and the mighty Bias River .
The hot water geysers are a marvel – rice getting cooked and the rooms of the Gurudwara remaining heated thru out the year . There is ample free parking provided by the shrine .
There is an atmosphere of the piety , devotion and the serenity prevailing here .
The continues chanting of the holy book Gurugranth sahib is like nectar to the ears .
Afterwards – this shrines proves free meals to all those who come here irrespective class .
There is dress code – head covered and no dress above knees .
The best time to start from Manali would be after early breakfast 8-9 am – the route is treacherous in the rains and at night .
The entire route is littered with the scenery of picture postcard !!! Must not miss this place if you are in Manali

Things which can be done in Manali in December



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