nani to host bigg boss season 2 telugu

Reality Show Bigg boss Telugu enjoyed a sensational success with the first season and recently the organizers of this controversial reality show said they would return with the 2nd season next year. According to sources, Young Tiger Jr.NTR, who hosted the first season of the reality show, is at Bigg Boss. Now the big question is: Who will replace NTR?

The TV audience is ready to get a new bigg boss for the next season. 2. The reality show manufacturers have already started looking for a new host and they look at the natural Star Nani as a perfect replacement. When the reports are accepted, Tarak is replaced by the star Gentleman Nani.

Did you notice Tarak suddenly? His spontaneous jokes, impulses of a single line, and his declaration of style are sufficient to protect the spectacle. What does he say? In addition, its way of speaking is very different from the others. Tarak is unique as a host. It does not do what other hosts normally do. If you compare it to other famous hosts, you will know how extraordinary he is. Nobody can be as lively, energetic and dynamic as  NTR. Although we do not see him live, we still feel the energy with which he attaches the electrifying act. Although the Bigg Boss began with the lowest TRP, NTR hosting became the highlight of the show and gradually increased the TRP.

NTR is one of the most popular actors of Tollywood. His fans are split between the two states of Telugu. From his dancing style, his dialogues to his style of dressing, people imitate everything that Tarak does. Every time his film is realized, the crowd is fulfilled in the theaters, it is the charisma of Tarak. His recently released film “Jai Lava Kusa”, released on September 21, has already joined the Club Rs 100 Cr.

The ball is still on the NTR track, it can come to Nani when Tarak decides to pass the stick.

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