Nipah Virus is Spreading Fastly, It Had Already Taken 10 Lifes From Kerala, Till Now Thier is No Vaccination For Nipah Virus, Please be Alert, As We Are Sharing this Post to Take Measures, that Will help you in Avoiding this Dangerous Malicious Virus.

Why Nipah Virus Occur?

Nipah Virus May Occur if you intake the Food Supplements that were Fed by Bat’s, Or You Intake the Water Directly that found to be fed by Bats.

Watch Out Your Kids, This Virus is Rapidly Spreading, Better Tell Your Kids about the Causes of this Deadly Diseases, Have An Eye On Them.

Below is The Image, That Will be Telling The Facts And Preventive Measures that Must Be taken In order to prevent from Nipah Virus.

Necessary Precaution For Nipah Virus

Nipah Virus Alert

Please Share This Important Message To Everyone, This Virus May Claim Many Lives, So Be Alert and Do make Others, If Your Environment is Healthier, You will be Healthier, Share this Useful info to all your Members.


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