Mahesh Babu and Bala Krishna to do a Multi Starer ?

A few reports from film Nagar are hard to believe when they show up for the first time. If we reject it as mere speculation, we can have a shock in the future. Therefore, we can not completely ignore these reports. One of these news in the film Nagar is Mahesh Babu-Nandamuri Balakrishna Combo.

The director of the Mass, Boyapati Sreenu, offers a multi-starter with these two stars. Boyapati said he recently met Mahesh Babu and told the story. Mahesh Babu has not yet received a call for this project. We know Mahesh is currently working on “Bharath Anu Nenu”. He will start working on his next film in the direction of Vamsy Paidipally starting from January. Boyapati had planned to start this project by next June. Boyapati said he had got the call sheets of Balayya from June 2018, so he wants to make the project sensational.

It is too early to comment on whether this will occur or not, but it can be said to be a trend to competition. In view of the enormous fan base of the two stars, the film will become sensation once these two actors says a single word “go”.




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