Life Saving Facts

It’s Very important to know Life-saving facts, Here We are Sharing Some Useful Information that will help you and your family.

Please do read the following life facts Carefully, It’s Important for you and your family.

  1. Don’t Lie down immediately after taking Medicine, Take a walk or do some physical activity.
  2. Drink More Water in Morning, Make it has a Habit. Don’t intake More Water at night, it will Cause Digestive problems.
  3. You Must Know When To Sleep, The Perfect hours of sleep are from 10 PM to 4 Am
  4. ! It’s important to lift the phone call from the left ear Because your brain is Closer to right ear
  5. Another Important Fact is that you Must not answer the Phone call when your mobile battery is below 15%, because the Radiations at that time is 100 times stronger, It is very harmful.



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