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India is the country which is filled with adventure, fun, crazy, history, beauty of nature and spells bounding historical architecture which seems to fill the soul of every traveler that land their foot here. It is the dream destination for most of the travelers that wish to travel to Asia. India is a huge country and traveling the whole city in one holiday is simply impossible. The country has the diverse culture and ethnic groups and getting to learn and watch about their culture is simply a privilege. The country holds layers of history from eras and unwrapping their each layer simply offers the joy to live everything again that occurred history.

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India is the seventh most enormous country by geographical size and from the traveling point of view, you can simply divide India into northern India and Southern India. India is the south Asia country which is most considered warm but the Northern Indian has a cooler climate than the Sothern India. There are a lot interesting and amazing places to travel in the Northern India and the top ten North India destinations would be New Delhi, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Ranthambore, Agra, Khajuraho, Varanasi and last but not the least Amritsar.

The India gate in New Delhi, the Taj Mahal in Agra, the golden in Amritsar, Hawa mahal in Jodhpur and much more are there to see. These all the spectacular structures will leave you to spell bounded and getting to unwrap their history in laser will make you fall in love with Northern India.

Unlike the Northern India, the Southern India has a warmer weather and coastal region adds beauty and relaxing place for the people all around the world. The top ten places of the Southern India that you must not miss whenever you land you foot in India would be Karnataka, Kerela backwaters, Fort Kochi, Madhuri, Pondicherry, Mammallapurum, Thiruvannamalai, Mysore, Coorg, and Tamilnadu. The beautify of these places will make your soul filled with life.

Traveling to India is actually like reaching to a country with craze and excitement. The India food is renounced all over the world and the exotic taste of the spices has won the heart of many foodies all over the world. If you are ever traveling to India then you must taste Butter Chicken, Butter Nan, Chicken Tika, Chole, Rogan Josh, Malai Kofta, Palak panner, kali Dal, Chaat, and Nan.

These are the top ten authentic Indian dishes that you must have when you visit India. Indian is very famous for its street food and local market. The most famous street food is Pani puri which is loved by the majority of the Indians and you should taste them once you have landed in India.

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Ethnically rich in cultural, India is a country that has some much of things held in itself. For a traveler, there is the list of top ten things that you must do when you land in India. The first thing is to try learning some easy and frequently used Hindi words. It is always fun. The next thing is you should try some street food. They are super tasty. Trying some cultural Indian dress will give you a memory to hold forever.

You can also check the top 10 temples to visit in India and observe the worship ceremony as India has the largest number of temples in the world. You should go jungle safari as there as an amazing number of animals to look at. Drink local tea as a part of evening hang out with your friends. Get in a local railway. This will give you the real taste of India. Visit the structure that whispers history in your ears. Get yourself involved in the local festivals.

You should also go for boating in the famous riversides and lakes in India. Buy yourself some local handicrafts or status as the memory of the trip from India. Visit India and experience the incredible India.


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