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Lovers Paradise – as it is called, Dona Paula Jetty is located in the beautiful and famous stretch of sea that goes from Panjim, Miramar and Dona Paula. A breeze blowing over this place and the view is very picturesque. This rocky idyllic tourist attraction is located where the Mandovi and Zuari rivers meet the Arabian Sea. It offers great views of the port of Mormugao. Dona Paula Jetty is located on a rock formation shaped hammer.

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dona paula jetty

The former fishing village has become a commercialized for the resorts and beach restaurants, but carries with it a romantic and mythical aura. Dona Paula was the daughter of Amaral de Menezes. January 31, 1656, she married Dom Antonio Souto Maior and became known as Dona Paula Menezes and Souto Maior. He did many deeds of charity. The village was known in 1682 after his death Oddavel Dona Paula.
Dona Paula jetty is only 7 km from Panjim and can be reached here either by taxi or by bus. The buses are available at regular intervals from Panaji Kadamba bus. Dona Paula-Mormugao Harbor ferry brings passengers across the bay every day of the week in the months between October and May.

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Calm and blue, Dona Paula shows the ultimate water fun and sport. The Dona Paula Sports Club will offer some of the best water sports facilities for sports fans, such as jet skiing, jet boating, etc. Other water sports such as sailing, parasailing, sailing, swimming, surfing and fishing are also available in the surrounding area. It is an ideal place to relax and sunbathe. The exquisite beach Dona Paula beach is wide silvery white sand and offers an excellent view of the coast. If you want to pick up some local treats, walk to beach stalls to sell a great selection of straw hats, top shorts, spices, feni, port wine and exotic local spirits. There are some good seafood restaurants like ‘Sea Pebble’ near the beach, where you can stop for a full lunch and relax after a day of sun soaking.

The Dona Paula Monument is located on a small island connected by a small bridge to the mainland and a pier. Also on the island, it is the “Belvedere”, a Greek-Roman structure of the structure in which you can see the Arabian Sea and the Zuari. There are two sculptures of a man and a woman standing on the rocks at the Dona Paula bridge. These sculptures are the creation of an artist, a German baroness named Yrsa von Leistner in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knox.
Some of the tourist attractions of Dona Paula are the National Institute of Oceanography, the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Cape Fort (where you can wander and watch local birds). For crafts and ethnic jewelry, you can visit the Arts Emporium India.

Besides enjoying the magnificent view from the top of the hill you can just relax on the benches to enjoy the sea breeze in the afternoon and sunset. So the difference is in the water color. See the Arabian Sea from the horizon. And be sure to enjoy the refreshing lemon drink sold by locals.

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