calangute beach in goa

Calangute beach

The hot sun, lots of white sand, palm trees, clear blue water and the air is scented sea, the Calangute beach.

Limited on the west coast of Goa, Calangute is better known in India as a destination beach. Known by hippies in the 60s, the Beatles, including those used in Calangute late sixties, come to relax and enjoy life on the beach, which is lush sand beach the most beautiful of Goa viewed queen of all traces. A final destination for the most exquisite experience of his life, Calangute sees an influx of tourists and the tourist charter budget and hikers each year. Before the scene saw a number of British and European tourists, but now the Israelis and the Russians are becoming an increasing share of international tourists in Goa.

Calangute Beach

In addition to swimming and sun bathing, here beachgoers paragliding, water skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling and watercooter, while the children build sandcastles. Calangute, 15 km north of Panaji, also the swarm of innumerable quaint cottages and chalets tourists who serve food on the beach. Goan cuisine is strongly influenced by 400 years of Portuguese colonialism. While authenticly eaten by locals, Goan food is extremely hot, the food in these cabins served less keenly to keep the “taste” of tourists in mind. The most popular are the fish dishes. Since mackerel shrimp, lobster and squid, all are fresh and always available. Another popular local food is vegetarian Thalli, Balchao (fish in spicy sauce, red), Xacuti (meat or chicken cooked with coconut), Vindaloo (hot pork curry) Sorpatel (hot pork dish) Fish curry (the national dish) and bebinca (sweet cakes made from coconut pancakes).

But if you are looking for cocktails on the beach simple huts, chic salons of fashion, jazz concerts or dancing until dawn under the stars, Calangute everything. Other places to visit in more Calangute Beach is another beach, known as Baga Beach, which is just 2 km from the Calangute beach. Among the most popular beaches of Goa, Baga Beach is known for its water sports and dolphin cruises. Tourists can get to Baga Beach Calangute hire bikes.

Kerkar Art Gallery is popular art gallery includes Calangute Display sculptures and paintings by Subodh Kerkar. The exhibition in the gallery also shows works by contemporary artists from all over India. Calangute_beach2La St. Alex Cathedral, founded by the Franciscans, is popular among tourists because of its architectural beauty. The church has two towers, altars and a white dome, which can be seen from the entrance. This church was founded in 1595 and is thus one of the oldest churches in Goa to make survivors.

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It is located in caking, healing springs is a river that is believed to have healing properties. These feathers are ideal for a picnic where the tourists mainly take bath in medicinal water. Tourists can reach the springs along the narrow road that follows the monastery of Bom Viagem. Baga Retreat House, located on the hill of Baga, is a retirement home dedicated to St. Francis Xavier. Known in the people’s mouth as a retirement home, overlooking the nursing home on the Arabian Sea and the village.

Calangute has always been known for its “happening” culture. Nightlife in Calangute is a great attraction for tourists. The beach is a hotspot for the parties. The culture of the party in Goa is supposedly from hippies during his visit to Goa in the 60s, she began to relax the perfect Goa beaches found in solitude. The evenings at these beaches under the moon with water pushed on one side, overnight the party. Since then, Goa has come a long way in terms of how to get the party. Tourists and residents do not need any excuse for a party and music and dancing go on all night. Goa local groups have developed a unique kind of music, known as “Goa Trance”. Raves from Goa is also called trance parties. A great attraction for a large part of the crowd is the music. The fascinating combined electro-trance music with European-inspired rhythms goan creates an atmosphere of mysticism, charisma and pure groove. The experience is surreal. Branches are painted in fluorescent colors with black lights

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The best time to visit this beach is Eves Christmas and New Year. Calangute is well-connected with other parts of Goa on the road.

By Train

The nearest train station is Thivim and taxi from there takes about 20 minutes and costs about Rs.300. More stations are in Margao

And Vasco da Gama.
By Bus

Frequent buses go and get the status of other parts of Goa, but if you travel a longer distance, you need to change buses (eg the airport you get three buses to take Calangute). Panaji bus costs Rs.10-15 depending on the route you take the bus.

A prepaid taxi from the outside to the airport costs Rs.900 while the price should lead directly to the driver at a cheaper rate.

Reasonable arrangements

Take a drive to the beach from the main road and many places to sleep as you approach the beach. If you choose a small street, the cheaper places to find is likely.

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