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About Hyderabad Metro Rail

About Hyderabad Metro Rail – Telangana :

Transportation is a major problem in the Heart of the City Hyderabad, Considering this Hyderabad Metro Rail has been Developed as one of the Biggest Modern Transport in the World, which is based on PPP Model.

The basic idea of the Metro Rail concept is to ensure that passengers arrive on time on the job and are not late due to the lack of fast transport. Increasing urbanization has caused countless problems for travelers who are late due to congestion. With Metro Rail, you can bypass these congestion barriers.

In anticipation of the requirements for a well-coordinated transport system, the Indian government has focused on futuristic reform paper on a strategy that would encourage accelerated growth that would lead to equitable and sustainable improvements in citizens’ overall living standards.

The driving force behind Metro Rail’s Hyderabad concept is the strong demand for environmentally friendly, robust and fast transportation that can meet the growing demands of an urban city like Hyderabad, which is rapidly becoming a popular global destination.

Interesting Facts About Hyderabad Metro Rail :

The cost of the project is estimated at 14,132 crores.
The length of the proposed railway project is 72 km, with stations in each kilometer.

The expected number of passengers for 2018 is expected to be 15,000,000.

The project will serve three “High-Density Corridors” with a frequency of 3 to 5 minutes during rush hours.

The cooperation will be implemented to integrate the Metro with other public transport systems in Hyderabad, such as MMTS and RTC.

Why is Hyderabad Metro Rail So Unique?

In fact, the Hyderabad Rail Metro will result in relief from carbon pollution. The technology that was adopted for the construction of Metro Rail aims to ensure the reduction of fossil fuels, the reduction of emission allowances in the operating costs of vehicles and not less, the most interesting feature is, of course, shortening the time of travel. Do not worry about travelers who do not arrive at their destination in time and have to keep an eye on their watches. Relaxed travel with reduced restrictions is what Hyderabad Metro Rail travelers will offer.

About Hyderabad Metro Rail - Telangana
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About Hyderabad Metro Rail - Telangana
One of the Largest Metro Rail Project is commenced by Govt of Telangana, which took almost 5+ Years. Hyderabad Metro Rail Project completed one phase which will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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